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okay, i've updated all the links in the first post mostly due to the ATI/AMD merger and ATI now having a new website.

something i noticed is that the 4.11 Catalyst Drivers are no longer listed in ATI's back-driver page. i tried looking for them at, but the earliest version they have is only 4.12, so that's a no-go as well. anyways, if anybody finds a link to the 4.11 Catalyst Drivers, then let me know by responding here. until then, what was formerly step 3 has been removed.

also, i no longer have an ATI card in my system since i've upgraded from my ol' 9700 Pro to a GeForce 7800 GS. so, if someone could let me know if they'd be interested in testing out a couple of different things for performance reasons, you can also let me know by responding here as well.

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