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Originally Posted by windu6
I was basing my assertion on Mace fighting style in the Ep. III game, but since Sidious wasn't available in that game, of course I can't truly compare them yet, until I can play a Jedi game where you can fight with Sidious.But, Mace Windu's Vaapad Jedi fighting form is so deadly and quick I think if he was given a fair chance he would have properly defeated Darth Sidious.
Do anybody know Darth Sidious Jedi fighting form?

Well, base on the Clone Wars cartoon with Yoda the power Yoda show with him lifting and destroying droid landing ships on Coruscant, one would say he can kick Mace Windu ass.
I don't think you should base your assumptions on anything other than Episode 3...
You can't base anything on game mechanics. And the clone wars cartoon... aren't all Jedi there like 100 times stronger than in the movies ?
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