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Kay, he's made. Warning: You may not think he's hot

Zelly was about to head to her dorm, when she ran into an extremly hawt guy:

Ave: That's him.

Zelly's mouth opened so wide when she saw him. He was soooooooo hot.
Zelly whispering: Ave, one word: HOT!!
Alex: Hey Ave, who's this?
Zelly: Ummmmmmmm, I'm ummmmmm Zelly.
Alex: So you're the one Ave set me up for a date. Wow, I'm one lucky guy. *looks at watch* Crap, I've got a class. Catch ya later Zell.

When Alex ran out, Zelly's cheeks were bright red. She looked kinda odd, like not breathing right. Before anyone knew it, she fainted on the ground.

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