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The moment he heard what dark said, Psycho immediatly said

"Janitor! Code 45!!!"

A bunch of cafeteria workers pinned her down and spray painted her with stars and stripes. Janitor swung from a rope, grabbed Dark and swung her to the flag pole and hung her there.

The janitor then said " I ain't gonna let you down till you start acting like a flag."

"And in case you're to stupid to figure out, thats a NOOOO!" yelled Psycho with a smile on his face.

He high-fived the janitor and they both saluted the Dark flag.

"How long you gonna leave her up there?" asked a random person.

"Well, i haven't thought up that part of the plan. But then again. Who cares?" said Psycho as he decided to go to the 5 star cafeteria to get himself some lobster thermidore.

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