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Btw, here's dark at the dance:

Zelly woke up, sorta odd.

Zelly: Wow, I dreamed there was this hot guy taking me to the dance.
Ave: Not a dream, Zell. You and Alez are going together.

Zelly blushed bright red again. This was bad. Really bad.

Zelly: But, I can't go with him.
Ave: WHAT???Why???
Zelly: Because. I wanna go with-

Lex crashed in the door of the dormroom.
Lex:OMG guys, check this out!! Dark's a flag!!!!

Mayhem was right behind her, laughing so hard
Mayhem: C'mon, it's awesome!

Everyone but Zelly went to go see the flag-Dark. Wow. This sucked. She was suposed to go to the dance with a hottie, but she knew it wouldn't be good. Maybe she could set him up with Lex....... She wanted to go wit-

Ave: Coming Zell?
Zell: Yeh.

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