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Yay! Now we need a date for me!
Davinq was playing MxO on his laptop in the dorm room, when his thoughts wandered to Dark's fate.

So she's going to be hung on a flagpole for a week? What a horrible mascot. She might scare away any potential students, which means less dates for me to choose from. hmm... not that I give a f*ck what happens to bitchface, but what's she going to eat? Isn't it a week without food before malnutrition and death? At least when she dies, they'll take the corpse down. Or will they? What if they just leave the corpse up there as the mascot, and scare away the dates! I'm gonna have a talk with the janitor.

With that, Dav got up, walked out of the dorm, and went to the cafeteria in search of the janitor.

"Hey janitor? What are you going to do with Dark's corpse once she dies of starvation?"

"Well, I was thinking of leaving it there, but -"

"Don't, don't! Toss it into a pit of boiling mud. Take it to Rotorua in New Zealand or something, and throw it... er, her, in."

"Uh, okay."

Feeling a little better off, Dav went to go buy himself a pizza for lunch ((or dinner? lost track of time in teh rping)).

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