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Save Issue in Academy(Xbox)

So I'm on the rescue Rosh mission/seeing Alura for the second time-game's intense-lovin' it as always-gets to the checkpoint..BAM! Always at the most actionous moments eh? Right after it mentions the checkpoint saved-I go to save after healing a bit and discover all my saves, which were only three, are gone and I get the message, "Your Xbox doesn't have enough free blocks to save." I know for a fact it has 50,000+ blocks left..and this is the first time this entire game has done it. On top of that, no saves left to load from means I'll be starting over entirely.

So this brings me to my question, can I quit the game and have the checkpoint loaded again? Is it possible for me to quit, turn the system off, turn it back on and STILL load that checkpoint? Thanks in advance.
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