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Janitor wasdigging a hole right next to the cafeteria when the headmaster came up and had a few questions.

"What the hell are you doing?" asked the headmaster in a confused tone.

"I'm looking for the schools tresure. map." come on and help me, sir." said the janitor as Psycho2, being the greedy person he is, jumped to grab a shovel.

two hours later.

"So, we only have a piece of the map." said the janitor.

"Where are the other pieces" asked the headmaster.

The janitor told the headmaster about a secret stone tablet he found giving clues to the pieces of the map. The next piece of the map had this riddle.

You walk over it every day,
But to enter is to day,
it's dark and scary, and smells of meat,
you must overcome this fearsome feat.

"sounds like the abandoned meat cellar." said the headmaster as he and the janitor went off to find the treasure.
_ _ _ _

Main story

Psycho was getting sleepy so he went to bed, not knowing what the next day will bring.

(I say 2 weeks till dance. Gives everyone time to get a date. and choose a theme, and get live performance bands[who will be payed for with a certain treasure])

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