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The nurse was wondering what was going on in the meat locker. She was surprised to find the janitor and the headmaster digging around piles of meat.

"I found it!" yelled the headmaster.

Unfortunatly, they had to let the nurse join in the hunt.

Asd the group ventured into the science room, they met Mr.Povie, the band director. With his help, they were able the rest of the map pieces.

At the treasure site, they dug until they hit something hard. They took it out and opened to find bunches of gold.

The next day.

"How, long have I been sleeping" said Psycho as he walked out to see a strange sight.

All the side characters were blinged out with the brass knuckles and golden teeth and whatnot.

"What's up my homie?" said Mr.Povie to a surprised Psycho.

So, the side characters continue on with there adventures.


"WTF was up with that?" said Psycho as he went to get dressed.

(Don't worry, the side characters aren't always blinged up. It's just that now, the have secret stashes of gold.)

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