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Lex () and Mayhem split up and went to class. While Lex was in band, she happened to look out the door and see Alex strolling the grounds. She excused herself and dashed out side.
"Alex?" She called after him.
"Hi, I think you met my friend, Zelly? I'm Lexington"
"Nice to meet you" Alex shook her hand. "What can I do for you?"
" Ummm. Zelly said that, er... She can't go to the dance with you. I'm sorry. She already has someone." Lex decided to leave the little part about Zelly trading off with her out of the conversation. " You're free to find someone else to go with. Good luck." Lex dashed back to class and watched as Alex swaggered away. (Future idea: Make him go to the dance with dark! See what happens!)
Later, durring her break, Lex bumpped into Dav.
"Hey, buddy, you're taking me to the dance right?"

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