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Oh snap, I forgot about Alex. DRAMA TIME!!!!!

Alex was not gonna believe he didn't have Zelly, so he called her on her cell. *ringin*

Zelly: Hello?
Alex: Hey Zell, it's Alex.
Zelly: Umm, hi. What's up? Oh, and about the dan-
Alex: Don't bother. I know you're not going with me. So tell me: Who'd you trade me for, you slut?

Zelly felt cold. She hadn't been called slut by a guy for a long time.
Zelly: Alex, why are you acting like this? Why don't we go to the cafe and talk-
Alex: Shut up. I don't talk to sluts so bye.

With that, he hung up. Zelly was really odd. She turned her cell off and starred. Ave noticed and asked her what was wrong.

Zelly: Alex. He found out I asked Psycho to the dance. He called me.... a......
Ave: What?
Zelly: .....a slut.

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