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Rachel ( )
walked out of her car and made her way to the building. They were expecting her, the new art teacher. Psycho2 was already outfront and greeted her with a sly smile. She ignored it and said

Rachel: When do I start?
Psycho2: It says your a skilled art teacher, an elglish sub, and your lil sis Zelda goes here. Welcome aboard. We're desperate.


Zelly was at the mall looking for food for the dance.
Zelly: Hmmmmm, we need 4 bags of chips+ dip, a gallon of pop, some sweet stuff, and pizza. Hmmm, this will be expensive. TT.TT

After getting all of that, she made her way out of the bus and to the front of the building., where she saw someone oddly familer....

Zelly: SIS!!!!!!

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