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Lex, (STILL waiting for a response from Dav), wandered into the gym and plopped down on the bleachers. She went to salute the "Flag" and then realized that it she was gone.
"Hey Guys?" Lex called to the planning party. "Dark's gone. Did we let her down or did the little bitch escape?" At that moment the gym doors crashed open and an angry Dark with swampy green hair stormed in. She shrieked "WHAT LITTLE SON OF A BITCH DIED MY HAIR GREEN!?!"
"Hmmm. I like it, makes you look like a turtle." Lex said casually. She gave Ave a thumbs up. "Nice job. But I would have shaved half of it off while I had the chance." Dark, with a possesed look on her face, lunged at Ave. When she made a grab at her throat, Luke stepped in.

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