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Well, I had a good birthday.

My parents got me a mini digital video recorder, it can record up to 30 minutes, and it has a USB connection right on it, so it's pretty cool. Chilled out at their place for most of the day, watching tv. Then my dad and I went to go check on my sister's car after she got out of work, the check engine light is coming on again....not cool, so we headed back to parents' house and watched the rest of the chicago and new orleans game then went back home. My sister got me Star Fox Command and 'The Ringer' dvd. SFC is tough. I don't remember star fox on super nintendo being that hard, it's nice that there's a strategic element to the game though.

I'm thinking of walking or running another 2 miler tomorrow morning, but if it's raining I'll probably cancel that.

I think I made a healthy food move the other day by buying a 24 pack of water instead of two 2 liters of soda, and pretzels instead of chips?

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