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Originally Posted by Rebel Loyaltist
I'm glad to see that no matter how hard everyone may try, a part of RL will always remain here at XWA.Net.
You bet!
But you could say the exact same thing about an intestinal parasite, too...

How've you been?
Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Viagra has changed my life. Before Viagra I was a slave to frequent, meaningless, fast and random sex, with women I didn't even knew before. But now, with Viagra, I am able to touch pure freedom. Recently, I could even manage to have no erection for almost 2 hours. Thanks, Viagra!
*Looks around*
Are there cameras rolling?
Quite the endorsement, there Ray. The first thing that I can think of that you and Bob Dole could possibly have in common.
Originally Posted by Nute Gunray
i wonder if rosie would be upset if I told you people where it is that she vanished off to
Most likely... but you are going to go ahead and do it anyway, aren't you?

You could just give hints and we could all try to guess. That way you aren't actually guilty of telling us outright. The winner can get a prize.

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