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The next morning in the boy's dorms.

Halo woke up to the fresh air of rain coming trough his window and smiled.
He walked to the bathroom, brushed his teeth and took a shower.
After walking out of the bathroom, Halo had noticed that Dav was still sleeping.
"Ughh, Dav you need to wake your butt up!" he yelled.

Halo grabbed his laptop and walked down to the cafe in the lobby where he could finish his homework from the next day.

He had heard the stories of Dark being at the very same boarding school as he was in.
These stories made him nervous. Very nervous.

He was looking forward to the dance. It would probably be the best thing besides him trying out for the football team. He hoped she wouldn't try anything on the girls. Expecially Zelda, Ave, Lex and Mayhem.

But knowing Dark was on the loose made him think that somthing bad was going to happen during or after the dance.

*Two periods Later*

He walked out of his classroom to go eat some lunch when he spied HER.

"Well, Well, Well," he said snobbally, " look whos here."
"the little rvb wanna-be is here."

"Shutup Dark, I dont have the time or patience for you right now."

"Oh whahh whah!" she mimicked.

"Whatever." Halo whipered as he walked away.
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