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Janitor was exploring the secret rooms, but he started to remember how he found the map...

It was back when Psychochaos2 started cedar heights. He was the first person they had hired. He was checking out the school when he saw a strange stone on the side of the gym.

He decided to pick it up, but when he touched it, he fell into a strange room. The walls were bright blue with red markings. On a strange pedestal, sat two skeletons guarding a strange piece of paper. Janitor took a risk and picked it up. He felt a strange energy around it. When he opened it all he saw were strange unintelligible marks, but the marks reformed into English letters. It was a map of secret rooms around the school. On the top, it said a strange word. the word was Furamos. Janitor ignored this and worted the map down on another piece of paper. Tgis piece of paper was the map that now belongs to Psycho.

Janitor always knew there was something strange. There was a room on the map that had no point of entry. Janitor always looked for the passageway into this room.

On this day he decided to the first room he found. He looked at the pedestal and saw a strange well. He thought that a orb could fit in. He decided that he would search for it and went off.

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