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Can the dance be tommarow in real time? I have to go.------------------------------------
Zelly: Thanks Psycho. So how went the decorating? Is it done?

Just then, a certain blone girl, now with green hair, tapped her on the shoulder.
Zelly: Wh- OMFG!!!! What's with your hair Dark??
Dark: Hi Zelly. I like your outfit. Here'.

Dark handed Zelly a box. Inside it was a lovely pair of hairclips. She started to put them on when...
Zelly: Umm cool thanks Da-WAIT A TIC!!! Are these gonna explode on catch my hair on fire or something?

Dark: No, silly Zell. They're just a gift for me being do mean. Gotta go, bye.

Zelly: Psycho, did you see that? Dark was being n-nice?
But, of course, she was up to somting.....

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