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Having been on the dance committee, Mayhem was obligated to attend the welcome dance early. She appeared as such . Never again would she be seen in a skirt, but it was 'a special occasion', so she'd let herself slip. A little glass of mango-peach smoothie in her hand, she looked over the course she had set out.

"Hey Mayhem!" A chipper voice squealed. It was that one attendant girl from day one, whose name was Denise. Denise looked over the entrees, and a confuzzled look crossed her face, "... this isn't food."

"What do you mean!? Fruit is a food, isn't it???" Mayhem asked. Denise replied,

"I suppose ... but it isn't even cooked. Just cut up. And I dont know what half of them are. The other half of th courses aren't even 'American', are they?"

"No, it's my ambition to eat as many exotic foods as possible - the school is paying for all my outlandish whims. Oh!!! And I have a surprise for Darth and Zel!" Mayhem skittered off, excited. For the rest of the day she would be seen with some form of food in her hands at all times.

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