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work was boring again. yay.

got home, played some galaxies, hunted someone on dantooine and won...then i hunted 2 jedi, the first one killed me, then i somehow got his mission again which pissed me off and i didn't want to drop it, and i got him down to a sliver before my fn action ran out and i died, i would've won had i stopped at a pvp base to pick up action healing stim... o well. then i go and fight another jedi at mos eisley and get killed he ran outside the cantina and i followed, lagged and was ultimately killed so i said **** that **** and logged off. the trader expertise/revamp will make or break the game. pvp right now consists of rebels ganking imperials. not just ganking, 10-1 ganking. it's the lamest crap too, like i'll be going into a pvp zone, and see 1 guy, and well he's alone and so am i, i'll fight him, then outta nowhere 3-5 rebels come in, COME ON. when that happens it just totally ruins the game for me, especially when the rebel i am fighting isn't even at half health yet, what is the use of 2-3 more people? i quit restuss pvp battlezone a few months ago, back in november, after 1/4 of the imperial players decided to freaking defect because they were getting '0wnzr3d'.

either way i don't plan on being here after march. i want to ****ing enlist. who cares if they're increasing troops into iraq, it's not like i have a wife/girlfriend to miss. besides, if i do say, 20 years of service, i'll be retired at around age of 43 and have a ****load of money and anything i want, or if i just do 1 term of enlistment, more doors of opportunity would be open. plan is to get at least 2 hours of exercise in a day...gonna wake up 6am tomorrow morning and go on 1-2 mile run. gotta drink 2 bottles of water a night in order for me to be well hydrated for it. after i walk/run i may go out and hunt for an hour or 2. it's supposed to be decent weather tomorrow anyway.

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