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Day of Dance
After his classes were done Halo walked around Campus to find his friends but none were around.

"They must all be getting ready for the dance." he thought to himself.

Halo glanced down at his watch.
He had One and a half hours to get dressed and find Mayhem.

He ran up to her dorm and found that only Lex was there.

Halo- "Hey Lex do you know were Mayhem is?"
Lex- "Umm, no I'm afraid not but try calling her cellphone."
Halo- "Okay thanks alot. Oh and by the way you look nice tonight."
Lex- " Thanks."

After saying bye to Lex, Halo ran to Zelly and Ave's dorm to see if they knew.

Halo- "Hey girls! Do you guys know where Mayhem is?"
Both- "Nope."
Halo- "Ughh! I have no idea on where she would be!"
Zelly- "Well maybe she is in the gym doing some last minute decorations."
Halo- "Okay well thanks I'll go check."

Halo waved goodbye, and made his way down to the gym, and sure enough Mayhem was there.

Halo- "Hey Mayhem!"
Mayhem- "Hey Halo."
Halo- "You look very pretty tonight."
Mayhem- "Thank you!"
Halo- "What are you doing down here, the dance doesn't start for another hour?"
Mayhem- "Well I just wanted to see how everything was going down here."
Halo- "Yeah I suppose that you have to be kinda vigilant when dark is hanging around campus."
Mayhem- "No its more than that, it should be perfect for all of those who come this year."
Halo- "Okay, well just take a little brake and lets go get a coffee."
Mayhem- "Well okay, in a few okay?"
Halo- "Sure I'll just wait outside."

Halo walked outside and called everyone up to get some beverages at the caffe in the lobby.
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