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Dusting of snow this morning. Not enough to be a serious problem... just mildly annoying.

Swapped out a sick dimmer pack for a good one we don't use very often in the lighting system at work. Was pretty easy. Good to know. I have to see about ordering replacements so we can have some spares.

We've got a couple of bum faders on our lighting board though. I'm gonna have to open it up tomorrow to see if it's possible to swap them out with ones from our old board that's been sitting in storage for about 5 years now.

Or maybe we put our old board back into service... I always liked that one much better than the one we are using now.
We have a budget request for next fiscal year to get a new one anyway. If this one dies that will probably make it a priority.

Might bump our request for a new monitor desk back though if it does. That would be sad. Our current monitor board was a dog the day we got it... and now it's old, which isn't helping matters at all. Our new one will be all digital and sexy. Behold the sexiness!

Might listen to the S.O.T.U. speech tonight... don't have big hopes on hearing anything that will restore my shattered faith in this administration, though.

Dick Cheney looks even grumpier than normal. He doesn't seem any too pleased to have to sit next to Nancy Pelosi.

Bet he wishes he had his shotgun now...

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