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My flavors of the moment:

Paramore - Emergency (Crab Mix)
Paramore is an indie pop-punk band with a rocking sound. Their lead singer, 17-year old Hayley Williams, is quite the gifted vocalist despite her relatively young age. Emergency is my favorite song of theirs off their first CD All We Know Is Falling simply because of Hayley's awesome vocals and the superb guitar riffs. That, and I'm a sucker for rock bands with female vocalists. :3

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Cat and Mouse
I actually first heard of this band as I was playing Madden 07. (FYI, the EA Sports series of video games usually have kicking rad soundtracks). I liked the song they had on it "In Fate's Hands", so I decided to check out the rest of their CD. It's really easy to listen to and I like almost everything on it. "Cat and Mouse" is one of their slower songs, but I think it might be the best of the bunch, thanks to the charming melody and quietly poignant vocals.

bond - Explosive
Mmmm, classical pop. bond is a string quartet with a decidedly modern take on classical music. "Explosive" epitomizes their style, with its catchy harmony and use of modern sound effects. It also helps the members of the band are kinda hot.
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