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Mmmh. Let's see, I have a mobile phone, and I installed the symbian oggplayer to it so I can play mp3, mp4, ogg, wav, wma, amr, mid and some other more or less useful audioformats with it, it features a videoplayer and has a 1 GB memorycard installed. It has a camera and I can use my headphones and connect it to the stereo, it runs programs like scummvm, different browsers, games, audio/video/photo editing and word processing software. It enables me to remote control my pc via bluetooth. I can make a call, browse the net, and write short messages and emails. And it came for 1 euro with my contract.

And the oh-so-new, all-new-inventing, unbelievable and expensive iPhone whould I need for what?? Hello?? Mr. Macintosh????? Why would I need your crappy-lappy-poopy-loopy-phony-candonothing-thingy????!??!?!??

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