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Nobody else posting these days? Hmm...

Another kinda slow day, workwise. Finishing the project list. Not much to report... nothing anybody would find interesting anyway.

So... in order to waste forum server bandwidth, here's the first part of a list of my favorite quotes from the various "One Year Threads" I'm in the process of compiling. Taken out of context... (and false humility forces me to leave out any quotes from yours truly.)

All taken from the first half of the "One Year Thread: Redux"
See if you can spot where they are all from, won't you?

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
Your optimism will be your downfall.

Get it out agayun, Cletus. We gon' hafta kill us some Morpug playerz.
Originally Posted by Nitro
...if I had a dollar (tax-free, of course) for every time I've nailed myself with a soldering iron, I could probably buy a palatial Hollywood estate, and still have enough leftover to hire Ron Jeremy to be my butler for a few years.

I pitched a tent in my living room today.

This is my most nerdly moment thus far this year.
Originally Posted by Ray Jones
I think it says "Ooh, look at me! I have a stick and a hat and can control the controls with my pulsator!" Or something...

Hey, resources should be wasted.
Originally Posted by Nute Gunray
I'm on spring break and its going to be 22 outside tomorrow. And that's real 22, not that Godless hippie pinko commie metric 22 either.

In the six years I've been reading this here message board internet forum, you're the first person that...particular...function...?

Tasha Yar - Was a man.
Originally Posted by Keyan Farlander
It's probably just as well, considering I tend to kill and eat people I meet from the Web

And soldering is exactly like coloring exept that instead working with colorful wax, you're working with blistering hot liquid metal. You do the math.

When this forum hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious ****.
Originally Posted by Kylilin
Rogue...When in doubt, just grab'em in the biscuits...
Originally Posted by Rogue15
I beat the crush. **** you cupid.

Native XWA.Netter (Nutter?)

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