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John had finally learned the language of these creatures, who called themselves the Wookies. He was able to project images into their minds to speak with them, and he could understand what they said, but their language was immpossible for humans to speak.

The Wookies had foud him not far from his ship, badly wounded from the impact, but they dared not go to close to the Stare Ghot because they feared witchcraft and evil. The had sent their Shaman and a few warriors out to examine it though.

John asked if he could return to the ship, but the healer said he was to injured. He stared down from the tree platform at the jungle floor below. The wookie tree city was amazing and huge, and apparently there were even bigger ones. John could not wait to inform the Republic about these magnificent creatures, who looked like they could rip a man limb from limb with ease.
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