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Originally Posted by Gug Eyewalker
Ya think thats bad? Where the hell was Kyle during most of the JA missions.

"Oh jaden, sorry I couldn't make it.."

"I'm gonna go talk to some locals. You go talk to the jawas, and destroy the raiding horde of sandpeople."

""Ill fly the Raven's claw while you go down there IN THE RAIN and LIGHTENING and WIND onto that tram athat is about to explode, Ill be flying around..."

"You go distract the rancor and I will pick up these prisoners."

Man! He really had Jaden do most the work while he kinda sipepd tea in the Ravens Claw or when lookin for huneys in the local cantina."
Suddenly, Rosh's turn to the dark side does'nt seem so evil...

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