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[RP Thread] STAR WARS: Era of Darkness

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4000 BBY

Jedi Master Sidrona Diath has just been
elected Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic
Republic. While the galaxy is still threatened
by several bands of rogue Sith, it is a
relatively peaceful time.

Exactly eleven months before, the planet
Jaru'un was reduced into little more than
space dust. While many of the Republic's
leading scientists have investigated the
phenomenon, there are many theories about
what caused the incident, ranging from
unusual elements in the core, to an unknown
type of space storm.

However, one week after his instatement as
Chancellor, Master Diath received a message...

Chancellor Diath sat tapping his fingers on the arm of his chair, nervously eyeing the pyramidal gem that lay on the table. They had presented it to him, saying it was a simple diplomatic gift from one of the outer planets. They didn't know any better. It was engraved and cut perfectly, a true work of art, but its beauty was twisted and corrupted by the darkness he could feel pulsing within it.

The holocron was small, and contained only one piece of information, a message, brief and to the point. Though he understood it perfectly the first time, he had watched it again and again, until it had burnt itself permanently into his memory. Even though it was no longer activated, he could still hear the cold voice repeating over and over.

"You have exactly one month to acquiesce..."

Still unsure of what to do faced with the situation, he had called several of the Jedi over, ostensibly so they could talk about "old times," but really because there was a pressing need for discussion. After all, having a few friends over for a conversation was one thing, but calling the entire Jedi Council would be highly suspicious. And he couldn't afford panic.

He sighed. Only a week since I officially began this job, and I'm already acting just like the rest of the politicians. But deception was justified in this case. At least, he believed it was. There were some things it was best not to let out in the open.

There's a bit of the shadowy side in all of us.

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