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Kharel hated this place that they called Coruscant. He hated the air, the backstabbing Senators, the gangs, and everything else. Why was he here? Oh yes, now he remembered. He needed to... kill a Hutt who had gone a bit too far for his own good. Yeah, that's right. That's why he was in a mini-palace on the world of Coruscant, miserable. Stupid Hutt.

He sighed, and stepped out onto the floor in front of the Hutt. After some laughter referring to him as ugly and such died down, the stupid Hutt asked "What do you bring from my partner?"

Kharel then leaped at the Hutt, stabbing him once, and then making to get the hell out of there. The Hutt let out a cry of pain and disintegrated, only dust in a few seconds. He felt a few bolts hit his body, but the armored parts of his body were made from the same material as his staff, making him very resistant against energy.

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