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None of the senators knew who she was; only the Chancellor had that privilege, and due to her superficially ditsy act, none of the senators and very few beings at all would truly know who Katya truly was. She was disguised, as was usual for her visits to public places and glanced in a mirror-like pillar to remember exactly which disguise she'd put on. Blonde hair, spiky and short with pink eyes. Katya hated the color pink, but it went well for what she was doing.

"Be a doll and tell Super Chance that Merideth Haver is on her way up to... ooph!" she began, seeing a guard nearby. However, she seemed to get tripped up on her own feet and dropped to the floor like a rock. Hastily recovering, she staggered forward. "Merideth Haver, up to Mr... um..." She frowned, wrinkling her nose slightly as if thinking about this very hard. Then, her face lit up. "Oh! Diath! That's his name. Let him know I'm here, will you?"

The guard nodded and communicated her message to Chancellor Diath. After a moment, he frowned, puzzled. "You're cleared to go up," he said, his confusion clear in his voice. He stepped aside, allowing her into the lift. As soon as the doors closed, Katya breathed a sigh of relief. As much as she hated coming to her employers disguised so their guards and guests would not know her, she knew it was worth the effort. The name, Katya was well known, as were the countless 'associates' she sent to retrieve her job descriptions. But nobody had ever seen the real Katya.

And nobody ever would... nobody she didn't want to anyway. The Chancellor had only seen her once, stripped of all disguise. Katya despised that one failure, but the Chancellor had promised to keep her secret, so long as she would not intentionally harm the Republic. She had kept her promise.

The doors slid open and Katya approached the desk behind which the Chancellor sat.

"Heya, Chancellor Diath!" she greeted cheerfully. "My name is Merideth Haver. I'm Katya's associate. You recall the rules for these meetings don't you?"

According to a set of strict guidelines set up by Katya, the guards would be sent out of the room and all listening devices would be turned off. Any devices that weren't turned off would be destroyed.
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