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Feh... I don't listen to her. Didn't even know she also had a song called "Maneater" until you inspired me to Google it. Not a fan...

For the record: Listening to Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits at this very moment...

More tweaking at work. Thrilling stuff. Let me spare you the details to protect you from becoming too overexcited...

Might have just let myself be pressured into signing up for a IM service at work today though... I just have to find a Mac-Compatible Trillian like client though, so I can use one of my existing throwaway MSN or Yahoo accounts. I refuse, on pain of death if necessary, to ever let AOL know I even exist... and the .Mac account thing just seems lame. I downloaded something called "Heat" or "Burn" or "Fire" or something that's supposed to be pretty much the same thing... but haven't installed it yet

So I might finally break down and join the 20th century and be online to any of you contact instantly. Won't that be fun? As if you don't get more than enough of me here as it is... Just don't expect instant responses. As previously reported, my typing skillz are such as to negate the purpose of instant communication.

Then again, I might just scrap the whole thing...

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