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Thinks he's clever, does he? Katya thought to herself. She smiled and nodded at his chatter, catching the faintest wisp of his thoughts and understanding what he intended to do. She stood, grasping his hand in a firm handshake. But if he'd been hoping to glean information concerning the woman standing before him through the touch, his hopes were shattered.

Katya's mind betrayed nothing of her identity. Only surface thoughts could be reached; the temperature of his hand, the importance of the business she was here for, and other useless bits of information such as that. Beyond that, he ran into what felt like a brick wall, a mental barrier. Not created by the Force, for it was clear even from surface thoughts that this woman was not Force sensitive, the barrier was a genuine physical barrier within her mind. Nothing would penetrate it if she didn't want it penetrated.

"If given the details of a job, she might be willing to consider it," she said, smiling sweetly. "But if you don't mind, I have some business to complete with the Chancellor before I consult with you concerning Katya."
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