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"Look, the Chancellor already has a visitor," the guard said. "Some ditz-brained chick with pink eyes."

"And I'm certain he won't mind seeing the two of us as well," Narthen replied. "I really must insist you inform him of our arrival." Ditz-brained chick with pink eyes? Who in the galaxy could that be?

"Well, alright then," the guard said. "I doubt she had anything important to say. Coming to congratulate him on his election?"

"Yes," Narthen replied shortly. "Now, if you don't mind..." The guard turned and began talking over the comm system. I wonder why he called for us, Narthen wondered. We weren't especially good friends or anything, after all. But whatever. He would see him, tell him congratulations, although he personally wouldn't have touched that job with a three-meter pole, and if he had something important to say, he would listen. If not, well, he could take it as a vacation.

"Alright, you can go," the guard said. Narthen stepped into the lift. Time to see what happened when a Jedi Master became Chancellor. It would be interesting if nothing else.


"Someone else is here to see you," the guards voice came over the comm system. Most likely Narthen, Diath thought. He always had a tendency to arrive a little early. "Says he's Jedi Master Severus, an old friend. And his Padawan's here, too."

""Sorry, I'm going to turn on a listening device," Diath said with a smile, flipping the switch on the comm system. "Alright, let them in." That was one of the annoying things about being Chancellor, you couldn't talk to almost anyone without people knowing about it. Then again, you could also keep most of the annoying ones away. He switched the comm system back off.

"Sorry about the rapidly growing crowd of people," he said to Katya.

There's a bit of the shadowy side in all of us.

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