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"That'll be fifty thousand, hard currency." Jaran did not know what gang these men were part of, or what they were going to use the spice for, he just wanted to get paid.

This was the first smuggling operation to Corusant, and the Core Worlds he had ever done. But usually since security was higher, it was usually much more lucrative. Being a professional criminal and in a tight spot, Jaran thought it might be a good idea. Just to get him up on his feet and back to the outer-rim.

He did not understand why people from Corusant thought they were so tough. 'Oh we got gangs and mobsters galavanting all over the planet!'. Whatever, the outer-rim is where the real danger is.

Joran and his security/protocol droid stood side by side at the bottom of his ships ramp. The droid had a top of the line AI, pirated of course.

"Deals off, authorities have us under a lot of scrutiny and we can't peddle spice at the moment." The leader said.

"Wait now, a deals a deal!"

"The deal is off. We don't have the credit anyways." The gang turned around and walked away. Jaran stood with his mouth open, speechless. You couldn't force somebody to buy something when they didn't even have the money. That plan just went to shambles.

"We do not have the necessary funds to depart from this planet. To leave requires the purchasing of fuel and our funds are totally depleted." His droid stated. Jaran sighed and paced about looking for an answer.

"Well I don't really fancy this bloody planet much. Was hoping we would be able to scramble after a few hours. We will have to go look for a buyer or else I'll shoot myself."
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