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Revan staggered for a moment as he moved to past Kira. He moved his hand to his head, and closed his eyes, shaking his head slightly as if to clear a fog from his mind.

"You alright?" asked Atton, feigning concern.

Revan shook his head. He looked up`at Kira, and saw that she was giving him an odd look. "You feel it too," he said. It wasn't a question.

She nodded.

Atton arched an eyebrow. "Feel what?"

"Nothing," said Revan. "That's just the problem. There's... nothing. The Force is... gone. Silent."

Kira looked up at the trees around her. "It must be those Ysalmir or whatever things. The ones we saw in the security recording from Bastila's ship."

"We should proceed with caution," said Revan solemnly.

"Agreed," said Kira, nodding. "Without the Force, we're vulnerable to attack."

Atton rolled his eyes. "Jedi..." he muttered. "Let's get moving."
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