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"Actually, I'd prefer if you did hang around," Daith replied. "There's something I'd like you to see, and a matter that may require Katya's assistance. Of course, I know I can trust you not to let anything we talk about go spreading around the galaxy. Right?"

He turned to face Shuji. "And of course I can trust you." Even if he wasn't in the Order any more, he was still a good man, definitely not the kind to deliberately induce mass panic. And, well, even if word got out, it could always be played as yet another conspiracy theory. Still, it wouldn't be a good thing. Best to keep it as quiet as possible.

He tapped a few buttons on the control panel before him, unlocking the door to allow Master Severus and his Padawan to enter.


"Interesting place," Narthen remarked, as he and Scev stepped in. Diath closed the door behind them, and relocked it.

"Who's she?" Narthen asked, as his eyes fell on the pink-eyed woman. And wait, Shuji was there? He hadn't seen him in quite a while, since he'd left the Order, in fact. He was about to greet him, when his eyes fell on the small crystal sitting in the center of the desk, and the sensation of dark energy swept over him. "And what," he continued, more pointedly, "is that?"

"That's something I'd prefer to get into more detail about after a few others arrive," Diath said, looking him straight in the eyes. "But I think you have the general idea."

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