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Kharel was falling through the air right now. But it felt like flying. Flying was fun without the speeder. But it wouldn't be so fun when he reached the ground. The fall wouldn't kill him. It would be the speed at which he was falling and the sudden stop that would kill him. He had already crushed three speeders to try and break his fall, but it hadn't worked. Now he was trying to get close to a building. When he got lose enough, he plunged his staff into the wall, making sure it didn't disintegrate, and felt like his arm was going to tear off from holding it, since it probably should have. The wall was tough and his staff didn't drag down at all. He just stopped. Stupid Hutt. He should have just stayed where he was. Then Kharel would not have to be miserable in this place or nearly having his arm torn off. After he stopped, he shunted the pain out of his mind and began to move up the wall, being able to move along most surfaces an aspect of his species.
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