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oh. well it hasn't affected me. yet....

recap of the week so far...

did alot of running and walking and bike riding, 4 miles walk/run on one day, 4 mile bike on the other day....did that from i decide to rest from it and keep an eye on weatherbug.

my dad said the freight team is hiring at home depot, it's 3rd shift though and they're just starting the switch to 3rd shift, so i may end up heading over there...probably. on the bright side of least i can see as much daylight as i want. badside is i will be asleep during some of the day. hmmmmmm......and i'm sure they pay more than what i get payed to do now...heck my sister is making more than me. another cool thing, if i get hired there...i won't have to deal with ****ing customers. we'll see what unfolds. if it payed me $1-2 more an hour than what i'm making now, i'll be glad. i'm pretty sure i'll get at least a dollar more, since it's a weird shift.....another cool thing is i'd get 2 days off in a row. of course, they start ya part-time dad says alot of people are probably going to quit there cause of the hours so that could possibly leave a door for full-time for me. plus it's set-hours, so that would be nice. i'd also get forklift now i dont want to go to work at walmrt, too much on my mind!! DAMN.

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