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"Cool lots of people is this like a party" he joked. "But more seriously" he said his smiley face going straight. "What's going on a got a message meet Diath and the other Jedi at office and there was no more."

Damien could sense that Narthen was not happy with him and this made him upset but the good thing about Damien was that he locked up all his sad feelings and realesed the happy ones which made him a bubbly funny character. It was suprising as he had a terrible childhood and he used to be a quiet fellow until he joined the council after leaving his Jedi Academy because he found friends just liek family as he has none because his parents were locked up and his brother who he loved so much was murdered and still to to this day he does not now who doen it and why but he had to stop thinking about his life and thin kof the present. What was going on? Why had he been called here?

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