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"You can surely do better!" A voice echoed through the Training Room, on the Jedi Temple.

It was Jedi Master Daeragh Skirata's voice. He was in the room training with his Padawan, Tara Keto. Daeragh's Yellow-Orange Lightsaber collided with Tara's Purple. The two put strength on that saber lock but eventually broke out. The two started rapidly tapping each other's Lightsaber, their sabers touching each other.

"You'll have to do better if you're going to fight a Sith!"

"I am trying!"

"That is why you fail. You are trying. Do not try, do, if you can't do, do not try."

Tara put an angry expression on her face and started to strike more powerfully and quickly. She spun her saber in a semi-circle as her Master did, the two sabers clashing about three times until the two entered another saber lock. Tara overpowered her Master and swung up, throwing the Lightsaber and striking, forcing him to the ground.

"Great work my Padawan. While you are brave and powerful, you failed this "test" of mind and patience."

"Why?" She inquired, confused.

"All those things i said, i was goading you to see if you'd fall to anger. Do not resort to anger. You where going well, until you "fell". Do you understand?"

"I guess. I'll..." She said before being interrupted

"Do not try."

"Yes, i know Master, do not try, do or do not."
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