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San'kra stood Looking at one of the training droids infront of him, His sabres deactivated and he placed them on his belt. The droid suddenly began to spark in its Torso area then collapse backwards. A faint smile came across the Zabraks face as he looked at the lightsabre burn mark in the droids chest. His eyes then went around the training mat looking at the other droid, or atleast bits of it that were scattered around the room. He stepped back and picked up his outer robes and plased them on his body.

Just then a Padawan Learner walked into the room, he looked at the droid parts all over the place. "Been having fun master."

"You should always love your work." San'kra replied as he stepped towards the Young Padawan."Did you want to see me?"

"Yes Master Mez." The Padawan said holding a datapad out infront of him for San'kra to take. "I am to give you these orders fromthe council."

"Thank You." San'kra politely replied taking the Pad from him and bowing.
An Hour Later

Jedi Knight San'kra Mez walked down a corridor towards a lift with a guard standing outside. He had been given orders to meet Chancellor Diath in his office, although that was pretty much all he had been told. Why he had been called and why this whole thing was being done so secretively was somthing Mez didn't understand.

He got to the guard and handed him the pad and was allowed into the lift, that took him up to the top floor. The door opened and San'kra stepped in, looking round he saw the chancellor and several others some of which he ould tell were jedi or atleast a force adept. "Chancellor You called for me?"
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