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Chancellor Diath raised his eyebrows slightly as Damien spoke. He had an uncanny ability to know things he shouldn't. Diath had never mentioned any other Jedi in his message. Unfortunately, Damien had a tendency to take his flashes of insight as though he had learned them some other way, as though something had happened another way from what it had. This put him... somewhat out of touch with reality at times. And not all he thought he saw was true. But enough of that. Down to the matter at hand.

"Yes," he said to San'kra. "I did." He let his nephew in and smiled at him despite his concern. "Recently, a grave threat to the Republic has revealed itself. It appears to be a Sith faction of some sort, and they claim to be responsible for Jaru'un." He picked up the holocron and held it gingerly between his fingers.

"This is, so far, the only information we have, and given its source, it may not be entirely reliable. Unfortunately, we have nothing else to go on." Placing it carefully back on the center of the desk, he activated it with the Force. A figure, more of a shadow or a silhouette than anything recognizable, rose from the crystal and began to speak in a cold voice.

"Let's get straight to the point, shall we?" it said. "Chancellor Diath, we have constructed a superweapon of massive power, fully operational, the results of which are so destructive that they push the limits of even my imagination. Our first test, a mere fraction of its true ability, has reduced an entire planet into dust. I'm sure you have heard of Jaru'un? Surrender to the Sith, or the Republic will be split apart and destroyed by forces beyond your limited comprehension." The figure paused and obviously smiled, even though it was completely featureless.

"Now, tradition states that this is the part where I proudly declare 'There is only one way you can defeat me!' But that would be wrong, and since I have no need for deception, I will tell you the truth. There is no way you can defeat me. We have hidden in the darkness for years rebuilding, and when we carried out this first test, you couldn't even determine the cause." There was a brief moment of silence before the voice spoke again.

"You have exactly one month to acquiesce." The shadow turned slightly as if about to walk away across the table, then looked back. "And cheer up. We only want the galaxy."

The shadow flickered and disappeared as Diath shut down the holocron. He looked to the people in the room. "And now you know as much as I do."

There's a bit of the shadowy side in all of us.

Except those freakazoid Jedi nutcases.
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