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My twin brother got married last weekend, and the ring bearers got everyone violenty ill with some sort of stomach/GI virus, so thats when I have been since last week.

Now I'm about to head out of town all weekend, but let me tell you, being the oldest unmarried cousin in my family is odd and quite unexpected..........

guess I need to really get on to fixin that............

I got two knives in the mail today, a gerder truss 2.0 which is small and 'pretty', and a colt tactical II cobra, which is still small(IL has a 3" law) but way more usefull as something other than a utility knife.

the colt:

the gerber:

the action on the colt is great and smooth, the gerber is pretty dissapointing, but its a 2.13 inch blade so its really just for cutting zipties rope thread etc.......

the colt is a tanto blade, 2 7/8" 440 stanless blade and the rest is all 440 aircraft aluminum...........

eventually I want a much nicer carry than the colt, larger, titanium or tungsten, teflon coated blade and bearings, and an auto unfolder.....
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