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Skype, huh?

Well... that sounds a bit advanced. Let me just sort this stuff out for a few days first before I tackle that kind of thing. Remember: I just lost my virginity here this morning with this... I'm not quite ready to go on camera with it yet.

I might go and see if I can't set up a Yahoo and MSN account to match the screen name of my AOL one now. Make things easier. Maybe use Trillian to setup IRC and ICQ ones too. Yeah... if I'm gonna do this thing, I'm gonna do it for real!!! Make up for a decade of lost time, uh... un-instant messaging, I guess?

Cold as a bitch out there today. Like 8 or 9 was the high. And that's Nute's 8 or 9... not the commie, pinko, metric crap. Cold. Sub-zero wind-chills. Glad I went out and got that coat now... although I'm still doing 3 or 4 layers anyway.

Short day at work. A quick surgical strike on my office. Got in. Got out. Left no trace of my presence. Complete deniability.
Got home and watched all the PBS politico-blab shows.

Thinking about getting something to eat, and getting to bed. I'll play with the messaging more in the morning. Gotta populate my buddy list with you clowns,.. or somethin'.

P.S. -- Scary knives, Zarg. Hope I never get on your bad side in a dark alley some night.
A guy I used to work with had one very similar to the top one. Didn't have the serrated saw blade part... but otherwise looked the same.

I just use the knife blades on my multi-tool. I have the Schrade.


All IM handles (AIM, Yahoo, and MSN) are now exactly the same: edlib02169
The fflynn02169 still works... but I don't plan on using it.

That is all.


EDIT #2:

Just added ICQ ID: 459796022
If something is worth doing, it's worth totally overdoing. Yee-freakin'-haw!

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