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Originally Posted by Prime
I don't think it was "we aren't going to make KOTOR 3" specifically, but that they will be only doing games featuring their own properties in the future. So essentially the same thing.
Right. Greg Zeschuk did say in 2005 April that BioWare was going to focus on making games for their own IP. However shortly after the BioWare/Pandemic merger and capital infusion by Elevation Partners was announced in 2005 November Ray Muzyka said in an interview that they wanted to develop a balance in their portfolio between their own IP and high-profile licensed properties. He specifically mentioned Star Wars as an example of a such a property they developed for in the past. In other words, BioWare (and probably Pandemic too) are open to making games for licensed properties if they feel the license will be worth their development effort. See post #462 on page 12 of this thread for my sources on this.
Originally Posted by EagerWeasel
What I meant was, they said they hadn't met with LA at all, and hadn't talked about making it. If I had a source of where I saw that, I would give it to you, but unfortunately, I forgot.
Oh well. For my own personal reference I try to keep track of this stuff but I hope you understand why I don't bother with hearsay. I've gotten burned before.

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