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Originally Posted by Ikhnaton
yeah, that's logical. the software sucks because no one wants to talk to you, so they say they are away.


very nice one Ike.

I love trillian, the new lame looking AIM 6.0 added alot of trillian features but is clumbsy and looks stupid.

Ed: thanks, I hope to slowly build a small collection with some really scary ones. I have my eye on some nice teflon coated ones with tungsten and titanium handles. There is a really nice 400 bucks on thats an auto un-folder that comes straight out the front, the springs for the load are only under load when its open instead of shut so they barely wear out.

edit: I'm posting from enemy territory right now, the girl is getting ready for going to the bars with friends and being the classic male I am, I changed and everything in just under 5 minutes. So now I am posting while watching 13 going on 30 on her couch while she finishes up, but no worries guys, I have one of my motorcycle boards up for cover if she gets nosy

ugh, I found the diamond I want to buy earlier, 2200 bucks, well, the one I really want is 3200 bucks, but the 2200 buck one will do, when I told the future lady to be what I wanted to spend she threw something at me and said thats way too much :-/

so....anyone got 2200 bucks laying around I could borrow or keep?
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