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Laying around? No... I have plans for it.

Actually, I blew a big chunk of that on my excursion today. Remember last weekend where I said something like "I'm gonna go out with the sole purpose of buying CDs..."?
Well, I actually got around to it today. DVDs too.

I mainly went out to get my mother a gift for her upcoming birthday (an "Out Of Africa" DVD that she told me she wanted.) While in Best Buy I... well,.. I went a little nuts.

What I ended up walking out of the store with:

Out Of Africa DVD

Empire Of The Sun DVD (My favorite Spielberg film. He's still my favorite director. And it was written by J.G. Ballard, who is my 3rd favorite author, right after Douglas Adams and Kurt Vonnegut.)

Fargo DVD (Had it on tape, but it was really cheap, so I had to grab it.)

Schindler's List DVD (Ditto. I've been trying to get the entire Spielberg catalog on DVD.)

Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy BBC TV Series DVD (Also had on tape... but looked and sounded horrid. Plus the DVD has features I haven't seen yet. HAD to grab it. I had no choice in the matter.)

On the CD side:

Iron Maiden - Powerslave (Despite being on my desert island disks list, I didn't actually have it in any other form than an incomplete collection of poorly ripped .mp3s since I gave away my worn out cassette copy many, many years ago. This is corrected now. Got it cranking this very minute! Oh hells yeah!)

Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast (See above.)

Peter Gabriel - Shaking the Tree (A Greatest hits collection. Pretty cheap. I need to get all of his earlier disks one of these days... but for now this will do. I desperately needed a copy of Solsbury Hill...)

Genesis - Foxtrot (Remaster)
Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Remaster)

I saw a bunch of other things that I really wanted to get (definitive version of "Office Space" anyone? Oh God yes please!) but I had to put the brakes on before I started probing the outside limits of my credit limit.

There's always next weekend...

As soon as I got home I watched Empire of the Sun, and all the special feature documentaries. I haven't seen this movie in years. It's still amazing. Now I need the soundtrack...

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