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Jaran and K-7 arrived back at the ship. No use checking out the taverns, being dry of silver. Jaran would just have to stick to eating the substandard rations he kept on his ship. Yet he had plenty of booze and cigars to keep him company, as well as K-7. Kell closed the loading ramp and propped himself up against one of the crates.

"I knew Corusant was a bad idea. These Core Worlds are boring if you ask me. I was born on the rim, and I'll die on the rim."

"Most likely, the outer-rim is very dangerous for an organic being such as yourself." K-7 said.

"Blockhead like yourself wouldn't understand. The rim is freedom, mystery, and adventure. Frontier life. Nothing beats that."

"I do not understand. But what will be our next course of action after the sale?" K-7

"Use the money to refuel and reoutfit the ship. Then perhaps purchase some authentic Corusant luxury items. They fetch a good profit out there on the black, and we might as well since we are here. Then we scramble. Now keep an eye on the ship will you, I'll be at my bunk."
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