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What did you think of Sion?

I'm curious as to how well-received the only true Sith Lord in TSL really was. In my opinion, he's the only actual Sith in the game, since Kreia is neutral and Nihilus really cares little for the Sith as he is consumed by hunger (on a side note, am I the only one annoyed by the fact that Nihilus' name is never said in the game?) More than that, Sion as a character is totally bad-ass, from his voice to his overall character. I loved that when Sion got angrier, his voice would echo more, and when he talked calmly, like he did when he finally let go of his anger, he actually sounds like a human being, which is just cool character development all around. So enough of my opinion, as I could go on, I want to know what other think.

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