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Back to the subject, I've been reading the webcomic Telltale's been posting for Culture Shock, and it's gotten me thinking about why the new games have disappointed me so much. The comic feels like Sam & Max- from the concept of a treacherous earwig, to the random appearance of a cockroach, and the appearance of some guy with a hook for a foot that just happens to be one of their many arch-enemies. The games just don't have that feeling of surrealism. Where are the manatee kidnapping pirates, the missing bigfoots (bigfeet?), the giant garbage-eating moon roaches? There's nothing like that in the new games- instead we get lame a collection of TV themed jokes that were tired years ago. Come on, has been child stars should be perfect for Sam and Max. Then there are the characters themselves- they're supposed to be violent enough to skirt the very edge of what can still be considered slapstick. They don't come off that way in the game. The writers seem to be playing it safe, and it's making the games feel really bland.

And the puzzles: I grew up playing adventure games, and these have got to be the easiest I've ever played. Hell, Sierra's edutainment titles were more challenging (Mmmmm... Pepper's red hair was so-- stop! Bad Doomstalk, bad!). It's pathetic when I get a better time for my money value out of your average $10 movie ticket than you do out of an adventure game, episodic or not. Give me something to sink my teeth into, not something I've beaten before I've finished my morning cup of coffee.

All-in-all, the games aren't bad, but they're still a long way off from what they should be. Come on, Telltale, step up to the plate and give us the sequel we've been waiting 13 years for. Not some watered down junk that makes me pine for the TV show.

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